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Ronda Rousey Could Leave The UFC And Go To The WWE

Ronda Rousey's retirement from the UFC is not yet official. Since losing to Amanda Nunes in just 48 seconds there is virtually no movement in her career.

Much is speculated about her farewell from mixed martial arts and this could open other doors. According to several reports in the United States Rousey is very close to changing sports, now aiming at wrestling, in the WWE.

Yes, Ronda will make the change that some have tried. In more than one occasion these two companies have "exchanged" athletes. For example, Brock Lesnar has been in both and also CM Punk and dared to get into an octagon.

Besides, the ex-champion would not leave the UFC alone. There is information suggesting that her husband and also MMA fighter, Travis Browne, is planning to accompany her on her change.

In her interview with TMZ, the heavyweight commented: "We are still making the decision, at least on my part. We will see where the future takes us, where the future holds. I will not say no.

Thus, the UFC would see two careers come to an end. Ronda was the one that catapulted the female branch in this company and this time it seems like it's over. Meanwhile, Travis is 35 years old and has only won one of his last five fights. Yes, it seems like time to go to something else and who knows, in that WWE can catapult them to the world of entertainment.

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