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Real Madrid Puts A Price On Gareth Bale

Information from the ever-daring press of the islands dares to assure that the directive of Real Madrid has begun to seriously consider the sale of the welsh extremist Gareth Bale. The whites would study offers that are around 100 M €.

Real Madrid could be losing their patience with Gareth Bale. That is, at least, the feeling that emerges from an article that today signs The Sun newspaper and in which it is already assured that the directors of the entity have begun to value the possibility of placing in the showcase that does not do much was called to be future leader of the equipment.

This loss of confidence in the Welsh striker would be based so much on the irregular performance that has been showing since he landed at the Santiago Bernabeu as on the fact that he is a player with an obvious facility to get injured and miss a good number of matches at what course.

Although both Zinedine Zidane and Florentino Perez have always supported the British in public, the club begins to believe that perhaps the best thing for everyone is to manage a sale that may be interesting for all parties. In fact, the aforementioned newspaper already indicates that it would be 89 million pounds (about 100 M €) that could ask the combined meringue to facilitate its departure in summer.

Logically, the newspaper says that if Bale is placed in the showcase, one of those teams that has been fighting for his signing for some time, Manchester United, will take advantage of the excellent opportunity to launch his networks on him and make him one of the next referents of his squad .

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