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Wow! Rafa Márquez, Accused Of Money Laundering For The Narcos

The US Treasury Office of Foreign Assets included the Mexican footballer on the list of individuals who acted as decoy or narco front-men.

Footballer Rafael Márquez and singer Julion Alvarez were accused Wednesday by the United States government of being decoys for Mexican narcos.

In the announcement today they also included nine companies owned by Márquez, in addition to include the singer Julión Álvarez and three of its companies, as well as more than 20 people and companies, mostly in the state of Jalisco.

Among the companies investigated by the authorities are Fundación Futbol y Corazón, Grupo Deportivo Márquez Pardo, Alvaner Sports Group, Alhoma Nutritional Group, Prosport & Health Imagen, Educational and Business Services and Therapeutic Group of Puerto Vallarta.

Among the repercussions that Marquez will have will be that his visa will be canceled, freeze his assets in that country and prohibit any American company from doing any type of business with the companies of the player, related to the investigation.

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