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Green? Take A Look At The Third Juventus Uniform

Juventus with his new logo (or shield) surprised all his fans. Now, with this new image, they are in the quest to reinvent themselves, or at least in their uniforms.

We already saw the jerseys that they will use as local and visitor, but now they presented us their third jersey. And yes, you are not seeing wrong, you are not color blind or need lenses: it is green.

Together with Adidas, Juve showed the world this shirt, which according to them, combines the past, present and future of the institution. The main color is military green and the secondary color stays with the traditional black and white.

The idea and design are actually pretty good. The problem is just that green, that pops too much and doesn't convince at all. Also, because it is not a very common tone in soccer uniforms.

We will see that this is seen in the field. Juventus will look for a seventh consecutive Serie A title and take away the bad taste that left them the Champions League final.

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